Reducing Construction Footprint on the Environment

Mats for all Applications

Environmental Matting Solutions provides all types of matting products for temporary access roads, work site platforms, staging platforms, earth stabilization, and access products. We currently provide access matting, and are capable of fulfilling most other requests.

Environmental Matting Solutions manages new, reused, pre-owned and rental mats. Each mat is inspected for quality and categorized by quality. Strict quality assurance procedures ensure that you are receiving quality pre-owned and used mats from Environmental Matting Solutions.

Environmental Matting Solutions Licenses / Certifications

DBEDisadvantaged Business Enterprise
WBE – 100% Women’s Business Enterprise

Concerned about your site’s Environmental Footprint?

Interested in finding out why using access mats at your site, helps to reduce your environmental footprint? LEARN MORE

Environmental Matting Solutions, supplies access matting to construction sites for environmental purposes.

Environmental Matting Solutions, LLC (DBE/WBE)
Environmental Matting Solutions, a 100% woman owned company that supplies customers with the tools needed to reduce the environmental footprint on site. Products and services includes, but not limited to: timber and composite mats.

Environmental Matting Solutions  |  PO Box 224, Sycamore, Illinois  60178  |  847.280.1744