Environmental Footprint

Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

Environmental Matting Solutions offers cost-effective matting solutions to help you obey the law and minimize environmental impact and protect natural resources. Matting can be used for multiple applications such as: temporary access roads, work site platforms, staging platforms, earth stabilization and crane stability. They have been proven to increase access to remote job sites while protecting sensitive terrain from damage and reduce recovery costs. Mats allow you to get the job done in almost any condition, offering the possibility of work throughout the year!

Soft ground and wet working conditions makes it difficult for trucks (heavy equipment) to move without affecting the surrounding job site area. The use of access mats is an effective means for minimizing damage to the environment, while protecting your equipment. Mats offer stable traction, disperse mud during vehicle movement and reduce sideways slippage. Another wetland benefit is that mats reduce the amount of rutting and destruction large equipment can cause at a job site.

Originally, temporary access roads were made from loads of fill material and introduced foreign species into natural habitats. Cross contamination of invasive species can pose a threat to wildlife and the local environment. Violation of some of these environmental laws can cost millions in penalties and fines.

A benefit of using mats is that they are designed to allow water to permeate evenly into the soil and allows the grass to recover quickly afterwards. The construction of rock and dirt access roads, destroy the root system of grass and plants. Using mats can cut down on negative environmental impacts and increases environmental reclamation.

Using matting solutions on your job site will:

  • Improve access for vehicles and equipment in difficult terrains
  • Allow safe and stable conditions throughout the year
  • Protect the ground beneath and around the job site
  • Reduce cross contamination from one job site to another job site
  • Minimizes recovery times on job site

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